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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 14, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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this is what happened the last time people staged a pro trump rally in berkeley. there's another one tomorrow and people are getting ready today. 22 cars were knocked out of service tonight by the same issue that cause d problems before. we do expect businesses to stay open, some are taking precautions. >> they're boarding up windows in berkeley today, before protesters arrive tomorrow. and they hope it's not a repeat of last month's chaos. >> berkeley has good reason to
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be concerned about tomorrow's event. twice in the last two months, political events have turned violent. >> berkeley police officers arrested 10 people and confiscated a dozen weapons last month after counter protesters showed up to a pro trump rally. >> and several smashed windows and started fires on the campus of berkeley to protest a speech by mio. >> reporter: the city of berkeley just put out a list of banned items, banners, ice pcks, anything that can be used as a weapon. they're hoping for the best but planning for the worst. it's all quiet now at berkeley's civic park, but that's expected to change on saturday. when two opposing groups meet again for the second time in
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five weeks. >> we're going to make sure that we facilitate the expression of free speech in a peaceful way. >> reporter: a spokesman for the city of berkeley, which had officer s surrounding the park last time, but with very little direct intervention. >> people often do violent acts -- >> some businesses like this bank are not taking any chances, boarding up ahead of time. >> the hope for us tomorrow is that this rally is obviously very peaceful, but it's contained to the park and cooler heads prevail. >> funny enough, i'm not actually a trump supporter. >> shown here last month, organizer rich black, with a group called liberty revival alliance told us he was available for an interview. >> it's berkeley, you're going into the belly of the beast,
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people, i live nearby here, so, yeah, that's what it's all about. >> reporter: with tough talk from those planning to counter demonstrate. >> we're not scared standing up to what we believe in. >> reporter: in march, police made 10 arrests and this week released vote toes of those who they believe were involved in the violence. >> there was a lot of confusion and contradiction in freshman court today as attorneys for santa clara county sought on injunction. the assistant attorney general argued the order would only affect grants from the department of justice and homeland security. that adds up to no more than a million dollars for santa clara county and no money at all for san francisco. >> it's an attempt to bully jurisdictions like san francisco and santa clara into abandoning their sanctuary city policies by
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the use of an unconstitutional executive order. >> these are contradict try statements not only in a court of law but continuing to confuse the public. >> the expectation was that the order would affect all departments not just homeland security. we just learned that it has knocked out 22 cars from service, the issue affects training traveling from commerce and north pittsburgh bay stations. a b.a.r.t. spokesman says they first discovered the problem this morning when the cars were damaged by mysterious power surges. abc7 news anchor eric thomas will have a live report coming up in just a bit. tragedy struck a family as a mother and daughter left holy week services.
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last night their car was hit by another driver who was allegedly under the influence. emotional reaction from the community, jeanine? >> reporter: dan, the family is just devastated. this was supposed to be a joyful time, they were attending holy thursday services here at our lady of peace church on great america park way when a car crashed into them right over here. 92-year-old angela bontelau and her daughter christina are being remembered by friends. both women were in the back seat and died. their relatives in the front were rushed to the hospital and treated for their injuries. >> the driver of the mercedes, the driver who was at fault was
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placed under arrest for felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. he suffered major injuries and has been released bring the hospital and has been placed under arrest. >> the victim's son and brother posted on facebook expressing his grief. >> we heart all the noises, the ambulance and the fire trucks coming and so myself and one of the fathers went very close to the accident but he wasn't able to get to the place. and, yes, unfortunately, the two ladies had passed away. >> reporter: the coroner's office identified the driver who was responsible as 26-year-old venaud kumar bonfu of sunnyvale, chp is calling this crash
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senseless. reporting live, abc7 news. new at 6:00, three suspects now sit in jail for killing a man in santa fe, andrew luu, kevin tran and christopher len. a motive for this crime has not yet been released. protesters gathered on the steps of the san francisco city hall when they learned that a man who -- armed with a knife when he was shot in the mission district in 2015. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live outside the hall of justice with what protesters are demanding. >> reporter: those protesters who gathered here have two demands now, they want the district attorney's office to release the full investigative fire, they also want a meeting with da george gasgone.
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>> this committee should not accept this report uncontractically. >> two days after george gasgon -- >> this is not a hall of justice, this is a house of horrors. >> reporter: wednesday district attorney gasbon showed a -- five of the six bullets hit paris lopez in his back. >> based on the reaction time, perez lopez would have been able to turn 90 degrees to 180 degrees by the time the first bullet hit him. >> this report declares that a human body running away is faster than a speeding bullet. >> reporter: da gasgon -- the district attorney is sending the full investigative file to the state attorney general. people here say they also want
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to see it. a spokesperson for the da's office says it contains investigative techniques and personal identifying information of undocumented immigrants that cannot be released publicly. the spokesperson for gasgon's office says that father richard smith declined a meeting. >> he needs to talk to more than just me. i's not me that was retraumatized by his inadequate report. it was a community of people. >> reporter: a community of people who say they will continue to seek justice. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. today city leaders celebrated 107 new public housing units they hope will change, not only the look of san francisco, but also it's sense of community, it's the new hunters view development, as abc7 news reporter wayne freedman explains, it's called a new model not only for this region, but for the entire
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country. >> take a look at this, new housing with amazing san francisco views both outside and in. when san francisco supervise malia cohen toured this unit, she saw something more, opportunity. >> we heard you, you lived through the crisis, and you lived through the roaches and the rats and now we're here to rebuild and develop now housing. >> yes, it is public housing and a stark contrast with what will in a few years be just memories of hunters point. by design, these homes will be different, it will be affordable housing, but it will not fit predictable and historical models. this man moved in with his wife and two children two months ago, what a contrast of what used to be and what will be. this is the model for san francisco public housing units in years to come, a blend of market rate housing, blended with subsidized housing. >> no longer are we going to be
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concentrating poverty in one pocket. >> we're still getting settled. >> reporter: mavis williams moved into her apartment a couple of months ago. she was trying to get out of the projects, but now says -- >> i love it up here. i would stay here for the rest of my life, because i love it here. >> reporter: from mean streets to a home sweet home, that's progress. from hunter's view, in san francisco. wayne friedman, abc7 news. today a new mosque opened in berkeley and there's only one other like it in the nation. a woman buyses a phone from an at&t store and later finds out its a counterfeit. what's going on? i'm spencer christian, get ready for a half sunny weekend, i'll show you which half in just a moment. otters were first proseconded, it was thought that
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story. >> reporter: those 22 train cars have been taken out of service to find out what went wrong. delays of up to 20 minutes are occurring right now and as a result of what has gone on with the trains, b.a.r.t. is running shorter trains because shorter trains are not affected by this electrical problem. but trains that come from san francisco, east here to north concord are being turned around right here and sent back to the west. as you mentioned, if all of this sounds familiar, it's because something similar happened in march of last year. >> we had a problem in march of last year that was very significant and caused us to run busses between those two stations. we haven't ultimately decided that this is the same problem, but there are some similarities. so in an abundance of caution, we are taking a real close look at this. >> one of the problems is they never exactly figured out what
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the problem was last year, it went away as mysteriously as it came, so if it's happening again this spring, once again it's a missi mystery, but it's a mystery they're trying to handle with their b.a.r.t. own engineers. up to 80 cars were affected last year, as far as this incident, no estimate on when b.a.r.t. hopes to get things running back to normal. you should plan on possible del delays and they may have to run short trains between north concord and further east bay all night. but trains from san francisco are being turned around here at north concord and being turned back to the west. new at 6:00, a settlement has been reached in a sexual harassment case at cal between the accuser, and the region's professor. former law school dean resigned
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last spring after being suspended. his executive assistant accused him of sexual harassment. a joint statement was released by uc berkeley. she goes on to say she hope this is progress will continue and that the voices of those who experienced sexual harassment will be part of the catalyst for change. sorrell will not face any bigger discipline and he will stay on in good standing as a professor at the university until may of next year, be allowed to take one year sabbatical and will continue to be eligible for travel and research funding during that time. what if you bought something fairly expensive and found out later it was counterfeit? >> this is one of the most popular consumer products out there, we're talking about the
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iphone. our viewer bought it brand-new from an dealer, never suspecting it could be deemed a fake. all nicole wanted to do was fix the cracked screen on her iphone 6s, little did she know what alarms that desire would set off. >> it was complete shock. >> reporter: nicole brought the phone to her apple store for repair under her apple warranty, her technician took the phone to the back room and returned with a stunning announcement. >> he said i have reason to believe this is a counterfeit phone. >> reporter: nicole had a receipt showing she bought the phone brand-new from an at&t store. however the apple technician told her the finish on the phone were different from the real phone. the technician plugged the phone
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into the lap top to read a serial number inside the phone, his report said it didn't match the serial number for the exterior casing. >> his words were this is in the an apple product. >> reporter: he denied a repair, so nicole took it back to at&t. >> that gentleman told me at&t does not sell counterfeit phones, and i said but you did. >> reporter: a trk and t says she must have had it remarried at a third party shop but nicole said no, because she had apple care for repair by apple. nicole saw similar complaints on social media, like shoutout to at&t for shipping me a fake iphone. she posted her story on facebook. >> it was like call michael finney, and that was the most common advice i got. >> reporter: and nicole told us that it looks like any other
7:20 pm
iphone 6 but it never did work perfectly. >> it would turn off at 30%. >> and recently the speaker stopped working. we contacted at&t and without agreeing that the phone was fake, did agree to refund her money. and we asked apple, did a counterfeit phone get into the supply stream? apple did not reveal tests that revealed that the apple phone and all it's parts were legitimate. >> i'm so grateful, so grateful to 7 on your side. >> we found social media complaints about other carriers supplying counterfeits too, none could be verified. in nicole's case, at&t gave her phone to apple so it could be examined. apple did not tell us why the in
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store tests could say it was fake when it was later found it was real. she was given a new phone to make up for her trouble. you still have sunny skies k across the bay area tomorrow. those sunny skies will last through the day tomorrow, but changes will come on easter, sunday looks like it's going to be a cloudy day, and we'll probably get a little bit of rainfall as well. let's move along, and this thing isn't moving so you stay right there because you probably have to and i'm going to run back over to my weather center here and see why it's not moving. let's see, well, boys and girls, i'm going to restart the commuter, just bear with me, we can work around these things. it looks like this thing isn't going to move, but i'm just tell you about the weather, we're going to have clear skies overnight continuing into tomorrow, we'll have low temperatures overnight dropping into the upper 30s and low 40s in the inland valley, we'll have
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clouds coming in on sunday morning, if you're going to sunrise services sunday, you'll probably go into dry but cloudy conditions, showers will move in early sunday morning, it will be -- i'm sorry, late sunday morning into the early afternoon, it will be a wet day late in the day but the early part of the sunday will be mainly driver, looks like we're not going to get much movement here, i'm going to fast forward to the accuweather 7-day forecast, i'm going to hit the old fast forward button and there you are, there's the accuweather 7-day forecast. sunny and spring like tomorrow, the bunny will be hopping through rain drops on sunday, because the rain will begin at midday and continuing through material evening. into tuesday morning, we have another storm developing that also ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. and on wednesday, there's another chance of rain, with the
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system ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. welcome to the age of technology. >> great job, though. >> computers work well when they work. a new mosque opened today in
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this afternoon the mosque opened for the ministry. >> religion is a power line tool to keep people quiet and it is
7:27 pm
extremely important tool. >> this mosque is getting a lot of attention as only the second women-run mosque in the u.s. the founder is a graduate of star king. she wanted a place where women celebrate islam without the male dominance. >> little did i know that this dedication of this mosque would be doing holy week. for our christian brothers and sisters and on good friday. >> you'll notice unlike many other mosques, men and women sit together here, tat's the idea, everyone is welcome, all genders, religions and colors. the california sea otter is making a come back. we'll explain how the circle of life is shifting to make it possible. plus the allegations against united that are gaining ground right here in the bay area. and you're looking at the setup that could set a new state record for chain reaction domino toppling. after hours of work, it came
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the sound of that passenger's screams continue to echo for united with a justice unequality group accusing the airline of racial discrimination, the passenger is a vietnamese-american doctor. >> reporter: shortly after the world witnessed this video of a passenger being dragged off a plane, the man's lawyer said he received an email comparing his client to rosa parks. china and most recently vietnam have now expressed their outrage over the incident. today the organization for justice and inequality in the bay area followed by making this statement. >> the asian american male passengers should not be dragged out of a plane like a dog, we should boycott united airlines to teach them a lesson. >> reporter: invited to this
7:32 pm
press conference was the san francisco asian power institute another group that has criticized united for its actions. >> i feel this has a little racial discrimination. >> reporter: the passenger david dao is vietnamese, although we don't know the nationalities of the others who were asked to leave the three flight. this group of advocates backed down. >> i just want to find out what the process is. i'm not accusing them of any racial bias. >> reporter: instead the group ask that united -- edward has brook is an aviation expert who gave us an idea of who may get to stay and who may get bumped. >> the fare they pay and their status in the frequent flyer program, but they don't know what weight will be given to
7:33 pm
those other factors. >> reporter: in san francisco, lean lean leanne melendes, abc7 news. the stock market is closed today in observance of good friday. in oakland, two local churches joined forces to show unity on this good friday. abc7 was long broadway as members of st. augustine's and st. john's episcopal churches walked the street. they invited the police chief and city officials to pray with them for justice. oakland's police chief says it's a good opportunity to restore relationships. >> i am delighted that they invited us to be a part of it. i want to lohem to love us and want to love them. >> vice mayor annie
7:34 pm
campbell-washington also took part in today's march. they gathered to watch a play about the last days of jesus, called "resurrection" it's a dramatic passion play with over 200 cast and crew. the play shows the last supper and the crucifixion of jesus. there will be another performance tonight at 8:00 at the cathedral of faith in san jose. the storm season took its toll on sharks and rays that call the east bay home. take a look at a bat ray, and the east bay express reports that more than a dozen have died at oakland's lake merit since february. other than 100 leopard sharks have died at aquatic park since last june. they blame too much rain and an aging drainage system. >> this year i think there was too much fresh water intrusion from all the heavy rains and the tubes that go under the highway
7:35 pm
are not functioning correctly so the right amount of salt water wasn't able to come back in. >> environmentalists are hopeful the drainage will be fixed soon. we think of dominos as a game, right? but for a group of high school students in san jose today, they are building blocks for possible careers in engineering, math and science. >> they set out today to set a new record. >> reporter: the six high school students have been testing their perseverance for the last two to five years. the chain reaction machines that today are designed to trigger 2,500 dominos to fall. >> we try to add new ideas that no one has thought of before, like light bulbs or cups that move in ways that people don't expect. >> reporter: but sometimes the
7:36 pm
chain of movement can come to a ha halt. the team builders walk gingerly in their socks to avoid knocking over a maze of dominos. it doesn't take much to trigger them. >> yesterday a brushed them and it was on a crack and it knocked down about 600. >> reporter: my boss's greatest fear is that i might accidentally touch off somee do. but i got a good angle on the shot. on the live screen, the moment of truth. the force of gravity cause objects to fall and trigger a series of events. the regulation tiles which took days to arrange were falling into precise sequence, leading some students to wonder if they can make the same thing happen.
7:37 pm
in san jose, abc7 news. a nice surprise for this little boy. a big-time warriors fan who recently underwent rare surgery at stan ford. >> it's named after a man who's considered a civil rights hero. but some think harvey milk p
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the warriors start is playoffs against the portland trail blazers on sunday, you can watch the game only on abc7, unless you have a seat inside oracle arena. and one of those seats will be filled by chris formmaker, he's a huge golden state warrior, and when we told the team about him, they set up his family with tickets to this weekend's game. and sunday's game starts at 12:30, coverage begins at noon. the corner of market and castro in san francisco is where harvey milk first rallied
7:41 pm
support for the gay community and human rights as well. and 48 years after he was tragically gunned down, that street corner is named in his honor. but some in the neighborhood say they don't think it honors him enough. and they have launched a contest to nfix that. >> harvey milk would become the nation's first openly gay man elected to public office. >> i was a fan of human rights and harvey milk. >> reporter: why this area? >> this is emblematic, all the people in europe know about this. >> reporter: but there's one thing many people don't know about. >> i just thought it was a bus station. >> reporter: a string of images and a sign declare this harvey milk plaza. >> the plaza spans the whole width of the block. >> there is tons of space here,
7:42 pm
it really s it's an odd shape. >> most of it cordoned off with railings and fences. it was a gathering place, 40,000 came here in 1978 to mourn milk's assassination. >> he was a person that gathered people together, but the plaza itself doesn't really work for gathering the community. >> reporter: now the friends of harvey milk plaza are holding a contest to change that. the challenge for designers will be crafting a space that's more inviting to the community without also inviting the sorts of uses that neighbors would not like to see. >> people are talking about making an amphitheater and place where they could do public performances. >> reporter: visitors want something else. >> why don't you put a statue right out here in front? >> reporter: design firms all over the world are being asked to send contest entries by the end of may to give milk the
7:43 pm
monument they feel he deserves. >> if you don't remember your history, it gets lost. they're adorable, and they're making a come back. >> you're
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7:46 pm
vul right, they are adorable, they are making a big come back. the california sea otter was on the brink of extings. >> now they're showing signs of recovery. jessica castro dive into the otter boom. >> reporter: there's something getting a lot of attention on the central coast of california, california sea otters and their pups. >> when otters were first protected, it was thought that otters were extinct in california. >> reporter: he says sea hotters are showing up in records numbers. >> it's good news, for a number of years, almost a decade, we have seen very little to no growth in the sea otter population in california and we have had very high rates of mortality. >> reporter: otters were hunted to extinction, their skin was prized for its softness.
7:47 pm
by 1911, there were just 50 living near big sur. >> in the past, otters occupied the entire pacific rim from japan through the aleutians all the way down to the west coast into baja. >> reporter: for the first time since goals were set in the 1980s, researchers have counted 6,000 sea otters on the california coast. one reason the number may be on the rise is another species -- dramatic decline in sar fish on the central coast. star fish eat sea urchin, fewer star fish, mean more urchins for hungry otters. they are gearing up to take care of injured or sick sea otters, until now most otters were treated in mora bay. >> here in sausalito, we wanted
7:48 pm
to increase the capacity of the number of sea otters that could be rehabilitated so we have increed our facilities to hold sea otters with the eventually goal to release them back out into the wild. >> otters with the right care and a little luck, they may find their way back. all right, while they look cute, remember otters are known to kind of have bad-tempers. >> if you do see one, keep your distance, they don't respond well to human interaction. >> we say the same thing about our weather person. >> that's why we keep him far, far over there. >> sunny skies right now, they'll last over the day tomorrow. tonight's condition also drop into the upper 30s with some of our chillier inland valleys. highs will reach above 70
7:49 pm
degrees. our sunday storm, our easter storm, which ranks one on the storm impact scale, it will produce light intensity, but there may be some periods of moderate rainfall in the afternoon hours, less than .3 for most areas and it will be breezy at the coast. rain starting sunday morning at 6: 6:00, by about 9:00, we'll see it push into the north bay. by noon into the early afternoon hours, we'll see rain covering all of the bay area. it starts to break up early afternoon and early evening. then we'll start drawing down a little bit sunday night. on monday, we'll have showers developing late monday night, that will rain 1 on the storm impact scale. and then we'll have another storm on sunday, ranking 1 on
7:50 pm
the storm impact scale. and then thursday and friday with sunny skies and milder temperatures. really interesting day in sports. >> interesting weekend, we had both the a's and the giants at home this weekend, on sunday, the warriors and sharks host a playoff game. in sports, marshawn lynch tweets about his status with the raiders and you'll hear
7:51 pm
you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
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now sports from abc7 news. the warriors begin their pursuit of their second nba championship in thee years when they start their playoff sunday at home against portland. the team is healthy at home having won 15 of their last 16. the warriors are a heavy favorite to win it all. but the heart breaking loss to cleveland in the finals is not far away. i think it changes the hunger, you're a little bit hungrier trying to go get something or get something back than you are when you got it. >> you just go in with all the confidence in the world that we built up this regular season and
7:54 pm
understand that every round is going to be different,er round is going to be a dogfight. >> we're excited, hopefully we're in this for a long haul and it's always good to get the first one under your belt. >> the only place to watch the game between the duff doves an portland will be on abc7. golden state has a big edge in this series. >> we loved the warriors chances not just because it's portland, but because they have time now to get k.d. the mix as well as those other starters. when k.d. went out with the injury, the only concern i had was where will his rhythm be. during the playoffs they will have spirited practices now to
7:55 pm
get back on track and they understand that they have a goal this year and that goal is an nba championship. >> marshawn lynch is still not a raider, but the two sides have agreed to terms. lynch tweeted, if you know me, you know my business is my business, and if you don't know, that's a fun fact for you, when blank gets real, i'll let you know. he's still under contract with seattle and needs to be traded before he can firmly play with the orange and black. the sharks have been playing without star center joe thornton for almost two weeks now because of a knee injury, jumbo joe has been looking good in practices, his status for tonight's game remains a game-time decision. >> i want to play my normal shift and just get back in there with the guys.
7:56 pm
>> just do my normal routine coming in with the guys and see from there, but i think i responsibilitied really well today. >> the a's and the astros should be a pretty good matchup. this game will also feature the return of josh redick, who played 4 1/2 seasons with oakland, he helped beat the a's with three straight playoff appearances. redick is off to a good start with houston, hitting .383. he's excited to be back at the coliseum. >> i know i'm going to get heckled business the guys that i called friends for so long and probably hang out with those guys after the game and punishing on each other. so there's a question as to how things are going to go down, but i'm not thinking too much about it because there's a ball game to be won. meanwhile theiants host the rockies, johnny way queue way toe gets a start.
7:57 pm
join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi tv channel 22. a million stars in our galaxy. then on abc7 news at 11:00, businesses tonight are preparing for another pro trump protest in berkeley. one man says he stands to lose up to $10,000. there are public relations disasters and what happened to american airlines tonight. the perfect storm for a corporate media crisis, an industry already catching flack for packing us into planes like chickens, eliminating meals and adding extra charges. now a paying passenger roughed
7:58 pm
up an literally dragged off a plane for all to see. not for making threats or being disruptive, but for refusing to give up the seat he paid for so yuan nighted could use it for an employee. but the circumstance that created that situation is the real culprit, the idea that an airline can force a paying customer out of a seat to make room for an employee is ludicrous, so is losing the power of police just to save a giant corporation from losing money. so now it's time to update the passenger's bill of rights so no one else ends up in this situation. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news, look for breaking news on twitter and abc7 news bay area. (gasp)
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